Credit Card Debt and Job Loss – Disaster Or Opportunity? The Possibilities Are Endless

Credit card debt and job loss are two major problems facing over 15.3 million people with another half million people added each month to the ranks of unemployed. When your job walks away from you it only seems fair to walk away from your card debt.

Most people clearly understand how their job loss was the result of big banking and Wall Street selling out the American worker. Instead of sending our products overseas, our jobs were sent so the big boys could make even more profit.

Is two days late on a credit card payment a reason to raise your interest rate to 30% and lower your credit limit to the amount owed on the card or just more of the “profit motive” in action? Before banks owned the politicians it would have been considered “usery” but ownership has its privileges.

Although no “credit card debt tea party” has made the news there is a growing movement of people who educate themselves and legally walk away from their card debt and there are companies that help them achieve their goals just as an accounting company might help someone with their taxes.

The only problem with this debt help industry is the close association to the same ideas held by the card companies where you are required to keep paying and pay an additional fee for the so-called help or even worse getting a consolidation home loan. These methods do not seem logical especially when you have no job!

When job loss occurs people usually begin to panic because of fear of the unknown. How do you pay the card debt, utility bill, insurance, rent or mortgage, keep the kids in clothes and put food on the table? Do you let your situation beat you or do you use your situation to make a better life?

Would it be possible to remove your credit card debt then show others how easily it is done and perhaps make a respectable income helping others to do the same thing? You could even be the one in a million people who has no debt but lost your job and are looking for a new career.

You might even be in the debt help industry but are sick of seeing the people you are trying to help fail 92% of the time or watching clients lose homes because they could not pay the consolidation loan you gave them.

With time on your hands you might do some research and discover the possibilities that exist in helping people get rid of credit card debt and gaining an income from helping others.

On the other hand if you do not enjoy life, like to see others miserable or even want to make them more miserable then you could get the perfect job as a debt collector. They are hiring and with millions unemployed business is booming!

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