No Education Required Jobs – Is There Really Such a Thing?

If you are looking for a job and you do not have a formal education, that does not mean that you are not educated. Keep reading and I will tell you why.

One summer while I was working my way through college I took a job as a carpenter’s helper. Lonnie, the carpenter, had dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Did he have a no education required job? Well, I may have thought so at the beginning of the summer, but by the end of the summer I had a tremendous respect for Lonnie’s knowledge and ability in carpentry. I think that any person who can do any job well is educated.

Since that time I have gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a Ph.D. Out of the many professors, teachers, and others I have known, I rank Lonnie one of the best educated in what he did and certainly one of the best three teachers I have ever had. He taught me more about carpentry that summer than I even suspected existed. His knowledge of carpentry was encyclopedic. He never had to look anything up in a book.

The summer after I worked with Lonnie, I worked as a mason-tender on a brick-laying crew. This was in South Mississippi where the summer temperatures were, shall we say, warm and it was difficult work. Neither of the two regular mason tenders, Hopper and Lee, had a high school education. To say they were uneducated would be an injustice. Again, I learned many tips and tricks from both of these guys that I would have never thought of. To this day I have much respect for both of them.

So, if you are looking for a job and you do not have a formal education, that does not mean you are not educated. Stop putting yourself down.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard of Jack Horner? Jack Horner is a paleontologist without a degree. Yet he works at a university, and has published over 100 technical papers as well as a number of books. Just because Jack Horner does not have a college degree does not mean that he is uneducated.

And the same applies to you. As we live, we learn. You have job skills and knowledge developed from pursuing your interests. So, when you apply for a job, never forget that you are indeed educated. Also, never forget that you can learn what you need to learn to do almost any job. Communicate that to the people that are hiring.

But let’s not stop there. Did you know that there are 18 billionaires and 10 Nobel Prize winners who never finished high school? Did you know that George Carlin, John Travolta, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, and Randy Travis are high school dropouts?

Yes, today diplomas, degrees, and official papers seem to be more important than ever. However, where there is a will there is a way. You too can reach great success if you really want it and put forth the effort.

Another high school dropout is Jim Carrey. I suspect he makes more money than most of us. He did not let the lack of a high school diploma or college degree stand in the way of him creating the career that he wanted. Neither should you.

If you are having trouble finding a decent job, why not create your own job? Almost every successful person has done so, and as I have pointed out, many of those people never even graduated from high school.

Creating your own job is basically becoming self-employed. If you find a service or product that you can provide that people want, all of a sudden you may find yourself self-employed. You have just created your own job.

Think about that for a while. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something that you enjoy and something that brings more rewards than flipping burgers? It is entirely possible to do that, even if you think you are just an average person. My father dropped out of high school in the eighth grade, yet in his lifetime he had a couple of businesses.

So even if you do not have a formal degree or diploma, that does not mean that you don’t already know or can learn everything you need to know to create your own job doing exactly what you have always wanted to do. Go for it.

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